Florian Rohart

PhD in Applied Statistics



  • Course coordinator of STAT3306/7306, offered for the first time in Semester 2 2017 at the University of Queensland, Australia.


  • Cinquièmes rencontres R, Juin 2016, Toulouse, France
  • Open Days in Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics (JOBIM), Juin 2016, Lyon, France


  • The International Biometric Society, Biometrics by the canal, Dec. 2015, Hobart, Australia
  • Co-supervisor of a master's student, University of Queensland Diamantina Institute, Australia
  • Co-supervisor of a student, winner of a UQ Winter Research Scholarship
  • Invited tutor at a mixOmics workshop in Auckland (9-10 April 2015, 40 participants) website
  • Creation and organisation of the weekly Biology Applied Statistics Informatics and Coding (BASIC) meetings.


  • Genomics of Development and Disease, May 2014, Brisbane, Australia, talk
  • Guest Lecturer Bioinfo masters, May 2014


  • Biometrics by the Canals, December 2013, Perth, Australia, talk website
  • AMATA conference, October 2013, Gold Coast, Australia, poster website
  • Teaching. Licence 1, Maths 1 (2*33h)
  • Teaching. 3IMACS (Ingénierie des Matériaux, Composants et Systèmes), Statistic Modelisation (9h30)


  • Dixième Colloque "Jeunes Probabilistes et Statisticiens", 16th-20th April 2012, CIRM Marseille, France, talk, website
  • Statistical Methods for Post-Genomic Data, January 2012, Lyon, France, talk website
  • Organizing committee of JSDS 2012 (Journée Statistiques Du Sud 2012, Poster, website)
  • Organizing committee of a PhD worshop: «Quinzième Séminaire des Doctorants du Département de Génétique Animale», March 2012, Ile d'Oléron, France
  • Teaching. 3IMACS (Ingénierie des Matériaux, Composants et Systèmes), Statistic Modelisation (9h30)
  • Teaching. Licence 1, Maths 1 (35h)
  • Teaching. 3IC (Ingénierie de la Construction), Probabilities & Statistics (2*12h30)


  • Statistiques Mathématiques et Applications, 28th August - 2nd September 2011, Fréjus, France, talk.
  • PhD workshop of Genetics Animal Division 2011 in Limoges (France), talk.
  • 9th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP) in Leipzig (Germany), poster.
  • PhD workshop of Genetics Animal Division 2010 in Pornichet (France), poster.
  • Active participation in several working groups: biostat, model selection, biopuces.
  • Co-supervisor of a Master 1 project and internship: Analysis of transcriptomic data (each ~3 months)
  • Teaching. 2IMACS (Ingénierie des Matériaux, Composants et Systèmes), Analyse 2: Differential & Integral Calculus (15h)
  • Teaching. 2IC (Ingénierie de la Construction), Maths 2: sequences, series, differential equations, Laplace transform,.. (2*20h)

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